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How Alkaline Water Can Change Your Life

The world has become a fairly toxic place, exposing everyone's body to very acidic standards. Add this fact to our choices to eat non-natural, processed foods and our bodies cannot process food efficiently. While it might not seem like a big deal, the more out of balance your body chemistry is, the less energy you actually get from the food you take in on a daily basis. In addition, your body is forced to store the acidic material because it cannot get rid of the acid fast enough to keep your pH level within acceptable levels.


One of the biggest advantages of putting your body chemistry right is the added immunity you will experience. Cells can more effectively fight infections and viruses when the cells can function at the optimum level. If your cells are busy transporting acidic content, there is no room to get rid of the negative material that causes infection. By making your cells an efficient machine, you can create new white blood cells for the attack on the intruder as well as having the right material to build additional white blood cells quickly.

Movement of Material

Hydration is also key to cellular material being able to move. When you make the hydration come from ionized water you can alter the pH balance of your body. This makes the cells and extracellular content in the correct pH range so the body can properly process food. The mechanism of the body requires that food be processed through the digestive tract and then travel through cells to various parts of the body. At each stop, the organs can pull what they need in order to grow new cells and provide energy to your body. When the pH is set correctly your cells can do this more effectively.

Proper Blood Sugar Levels

Not only can your body process energy more effectively when you are in pH balance but your body can stay more level. This means you will have a steady flow of energy throughout your day instead of experiencing peaks and troughs. By having a level energy distribution, you can depend on fewer chemicals to promote your alertness and this helps to lower the acid in your system even more. Alkaline water aids you in fighting off the acid in the air you breath, the food you eat and even the drinks you consume.


The Alkaline Benefits is a website that is dedicated to making people to enjoy the benefits of alkaline water. The website helps millions of people on how to get high-quality alkaline water. It also contains a lot of tips on oxygen-rich water and how to use it to improve your health.

Contact: Sarah Taylor

Give Mother A Personal Concierge Gift Certificate This Mother’s Day!

Melbourne Lifestyle Management (MLM) has today announced their new and innovative personal concierge services as the perfect Mother’s Day gift idea. Mother's Day 2012 is Sunday, May 13th and they are claiming they have the perfect Mother’s Day gift like no other.

“A gift certificate for our services is the perfect Mother's Day gift for any busy mum. People can purchase any number of hours of services to be used when required on whatever they need. Certificates come beautifully wrapped and ready to give,” says the MLM’s Director, Georgia Nicholls.

“MLM’s personal concierge services give busy people more hours in the day by taking care of all kinds of chores and errands to give them time to focus on the more important things in life,” adds Georgia, who along with her team, has worked with numerous busy mothers in the past, and always gets great feedback about how our services can give them back some breathing space to catch up with their emails or read a book.

Georgia believes, and of course it has been their experience, that often, at times it is a hard act for mum's trying to juggle everything to let go of control and “simply letting us take the stress helps them unload the cares of the world off their shoulders.”

Melbourne Lifestyle Management, which offers personal concierge services, charges by the hour to give clients time for the more important things in life.  Claiming they are the executive assistant for your personal life, the MLM director says they have the capacity and manpower to help with everything from picking up dry cleaning to caring for pets, planning special occasion parties and everything in between.

Other services offered include: home maintenance; personal concierge services, lifestyle and health, holidays and research and writing services.  A full list of services can be found on

For further information, please contact: Georgia Nicholls, Director, 0427 552 140, or visit

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Beauty Product Lovers Get the Most Bang for Their Buck with Estee Lauder Gift with Purchase Offers

Recently launched to help people everywhere locate and receive the maximum value for their Estee Lauder purchases, is a free resource providing a wide range of insightful information on how to obtain free beauty product giveaways.

Beauty products, including makeup, moisturizers and cleansers, are an important part of almost every woman’s essentialpossessions. They are used to not only enhance a woman’s outer beauty and confidence, but also as a means of protecting and maintaining their youthful appearance.

But in today’s economy, many people have been forced to cut back on spending and find creative ways to get more for their dollar.

Fortunately, one of the most popular beauty brands in the industry, Estee Lauder, continues to wow its customers with innovative cosmetics and generous free gifts with purchase.

However, there are a few insider tricks people need to know to find the best and most valuable Estee Lauder gift with purchase.

Recently launched to help people everywhere locate and receive the maximum value for their Estee Lauder purchases, is a free resource providing a wide range of insightful information on how to obtain free beauty product giveaways. Founded by a professional secret shopper and fellow beauty supply lover and fashionista, helps people get the most bang for their buck by helping them locate free gifts with purchase offers and other special discounts. It further provides assistance with its detailed descriptions of each of the gifts available. Additionally, the site features a host of informative beauty tips, and has plans to expand its content to cover industry news and fashion discounts.

For more than half a century Estee Lauder has offered high quality, affordable beauty products, including skin care essentials, cosmetics and fragrances for both men and women.

Several times a year, the popular beauty supply brand offers free gifts with a product purchase, many times valued at two or three times the purchase price. These free gifts can include anything from lipstick, eyeliner, eye shadow or foundation to free skin care products or cosmetic bags.

According to the site, people can obtain free Estee Lauder gifts with purchase both online and by visiting local retail stores, including Macy’s and Nieman Marcus.

And recently, Nordstrom and Estee Lauder created an exciting promotional giveaway, the Estee Lauder FREE GWP 2012 at Nordstroms.

“Customers can receive a free gift from Estee Lauder for every $35 they spend at Nordstrom,” states the site. “The cosmetic set contains seven beauty essentials and allows women to customize their gift by picking the colors that suit them best. The basic free set is usually priced at $85.” also features a list of the latest Estee Lauder coupon codes available. These coupon codes can be used at checkout to receive a wide range of free gifts with purchase.

For the latest scoop on the most valuable Estee Lauder free gift with purchase or for more information, visit


Founded by a professional secret shopper and fellow beauty supply lover and fashionista, aims to help people everywhere locate and receive the maximum value for their Estee Lauder purchases. Recently launched, the free resource shows people how to get the most bang for their buck with listings for Estee Lauder free gifts with purchase offers and special discounts. Additionally, the site features a host of informative beauty tips, and has plans to expand its content to cover industry news and fashion discounts.


Zrce Spring Break: The Ultimate Spring Break 2012 in Europe

Get ready to party with some of the hottest DJ's around the world this summer in Novalja, Beach Zrce in Island Pag of Croatia. Thousands of Spring beakers are gearing up for the big event to catch some of the hottest DJ's and after parties. The entire Zrce Spring break schedule starts from June 18 to June 23. The entire event will be like no other in Europe. People from California, Georgia, and throughout Europe will make sure to come here. Grab your accommodations today and get the summer of a lifetime as we all welcome you graduates and party animals.

The Zrce Spring break events will feature four different DJ's throughout the week. Those four DJ's are Jerome Isma AE, All Farben, Fritz Kalkbrener, and Oliver Koletzki. Get the chance to listen to them all night long as they play House, techno, electro, Dubstep, progressive, and all the other top artists in the music industry. Everybody is getting ready for such a great occasion, and you will find your entire trip to be quite exciting when the entire festival heats up. Come and visit this stunning party before it starts. Get ready for lots of fun and excitement.

After the DJ's perform each afternoon, experience the exciting games that the entire beach has ready for all of you. Get ready because the summer beach contests are well on their way and will start happening throughout the beach. Play beach volleyball, join the contests, jet ski on the beach, and do all the water sports that you have always wanted to try (wakeboard, water ski, jet ski…). People everywhere are trying to make it to this hotspot throughout the year, but the party doesn't start until the Spring breakers are in. The event will last for a full week approximately 6 days and 5 nights long.

When the events end by night time, get ready to enjoy the nightclubs around the area like Club Papaya and Aquarius, as the party never ends in this part of Europe. The entire beach is known for being quite relaxing the morning, but turning into a big nightclub as the sun sets down. Grab your flight tickets today and catch a ride to Zrce beach. The entire summer event consists of many events, so you can be sure to experience a wonderful time during this time of the year. There are many wonderful boutiques and great hotels near the beach, so you can be sure to get a nice place to stay during your trip.

The beach is filled with exciting nightclubs, but imagine the excitement involved during the Spring break week. Everybody from other countries is surely going to come by. The four DJ's are also from other countries, so get a load of international music throughout the week. Spring breakers should attend this event before going back to school or getting that job in that new career. A nice set of fun is surely going to be fun for all of you. 

Grab your event tickets today and be granted a whole week’s access to the festival. More at