Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wine Accessories for Men

Using different kinds of wine accessories can spruce up an already classy night of wine drinking. There are various wine accessories for men that you can use during a night of fine dining and some French wine.

There are all sorts of wine accessories for men that can turn an ordinary wine night into something special, and there are also accessories that allow you to store your wine in a snug, cozy place. Here are some wine accessories for men that you can consider using or giving to your husband or boyfriend who is a wine aficionado:

Eurocave Wine Cabinet

This fine looking wine accessory combines form and function. It keeps wine bottles in cellar-like conditions at the precise humidity and temperature to keep your wines preserved. It can also function as a piece of furniture.


This large can contains argon that you can spray into a half-full wine bottle. The argon gas sprayed into the bottle stays on the surface which prevents oxidation from occurring. You can make a half-full wine bottle last longer by spraying argon into it.

Champagne Stopper

If you want to preserve a half-drunk bottle of wine, this is the perfect accessory for you. This champagne stopper keeps your wine or champagne bubbly for a longer period of time. You can finish off a half-drunk wine bottle the next night of fine dining.

Wine Decanter

Red and white wines need to be decanted first to reveal some of its deeper flavors. Using a wine decanter for your red and white wines is perfect if you want more bite and complexity in the wine you drink.

Wine Funnel

A wine funnel allows you to remove the sediment in your red wine.

Liquor Lock Combination

This wine accessory uses a high quality, stainless steel lock that utilizes a 3-digit combination to keep your wine safe. You can secure your vintage wines from friends or family who want to open them without asking you.

Wine Tools Set

A wine tools set has all of the things you need for a night of fine dining and wine tasting. It comes with a corkscrew, cheese knife, bottle stopper, and a pourer. The wine tool set can also hold a bottle of wine. Having this set allows you to have all of the things you need when you want to drink wine.

Platypreserve Wine Preserver

You do not want your bottle of wine to go bad once you have opened them. This wine preserver protects the taste of your bottle of wines once they have been opened. The air tight reservoir of this wine preserver prevents oxygen from seeping into your bottles of wine, making them last longer.

Wine Rack

You will need a nice looking wine rack to hold all of your bottles of wine. Wine racks come in different forms and sizes that suit your taste. These are some of the wine accessories for men that you can buy for yourself or for your husband or boyfriend.

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Natura, The Natural Sleep Solution, Launches New Website

Natura, home of Natura Organics sleep products, has officially launched their new website at http://www.naturaworld.com.  Created by website professionals at Marshall Fenn Communications, the new site offers organic sleep products that can ultimately help people to achieve a higher quality of sleep and therefore make their daily lives healthier and more productive.

With a fresh, natural design, the new website features organic sleep products for every member of the family.  For adults, there are sections on organic bedding, mattresses, mattress toppers, mattress pads and pillows.  For children and babies, you can find kids and toddler size pillows and mattresses, wool puddle pads, and crib sheets and sets.  Even the family pet has a home on the website, as they offer a granulated latex pet bed.

The new website is also a wonderful resource for information about organic sleep solutions.  Through a section of “healthy sleep videos”, consumers can learn about the process of creating talalay foam, why organic wool and cotton are important in your sleep products, how distractions can affect your sleep and how to choose a supportive mattress. 

Besides the broad range of mattress, bedding and pillow options, there are many other exciting products to choose from on the new site.  The 2-in-1 blanket pillow is a wool-lined blanket/pillow combo perfect for travel.  They also offer the Natura sleep envelope, a great product for couples who tend to like different sleeping temperatures. 

The goal of the new site is to make it easy for the consumer to learn about eco-friendly bedding options and to learn why they are important.  They endeavor to address long term sleep issues that go beyond the usual “most comfortable mattress” dilemma and delve into the real advantages of going organic.  They are passionate about their products and consider their sources very carefully, choosing only from countries that have sustainable and renewable programs. 

Dr. Michael Har-Noy Describes the “Mirror EffectTM” – A New Concept In Cancer Treatment

Dr. Michael Har-Noy, founder and CEO of Immunovative Therapies Ltd., describes the “Mirror Effect™” as an immunologic concept that addresses the problem of separating the curative graft versus tumor (GVT) mechanism from the disastrous graft versus host disease (GVHD) complication of bone marrow transplant (BMT) procedures.

Immunovative Therapies’ solution was to formulate a T-cell infusion that would mirror the immune mechanisms mediated by the transplanted donor immune system to instead be controlled by the patient’s own immune cells. Dr. Michael Har-Noy has named this concept the Mirror Effect™ and says it was designed to produce the same anti-tumor effect that has been shown to be curative in allogeneic bone marrow transplant procedures but without life-threatening toxicity.

In the Mirror Effect™, the direction of the closely related GVT and GVHD effects that stem from the infused graft are reversed or “mirrored” so that they originate from the host instead, thereby mediating a host versus tumor (HVT) response coupled to the non-toxic host versus graft (HVG) rejection effect.

To produce the Mirror Effect™, T-cells from a normal person are given to a patient and instead of these infused cells initiating a GVT effect, they stimulate the patient's own immune system to attack the cancer (HVT effect) and create a highly inflammatory environment which neutralizes tumor immunoavoidance mechanisms.

Dr. Michael Har-Noy goes on to say that because the HVT response must be coupled to a HVG rejection, the patient in these instances is not pre-treated by immunosuppressive chemotherapy and therefore has an intact immune system that can mount a response to reject the normal donor T-cells. Also, because rejection of the graft (HVG) is the desired outcome, it is preferable if the donor cells are mismatched to the patient. This is a crucial improvement over allogeneic BMT procedures where only one in three recipient patients has a related donor that is suitable.

The “Mirror EffectTM” therefore involves infusion of mismatched donor cells into a cancer patient that has not received any previous chemotherapy so that these infused allogeneic donor cells are rejected by the patient’s immune system. This HVG effect is the “mirror” of the lethal GVHD response but is not toxic. The HVG rejection then initiates host-mediated tumor destruction (HVT), which is the “mirror” of the GVT effect. The “mirror” effect is therefore capable of imitating the beneficial GVT effect of allogeneic BMT while at the same time avoiding the catastrophic GVHD toxicity.

The “Mirror EffectTM” has the potential to create an entire new field of oncology.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Essential List - Wine Accessories for Women

Drinking wine, particularly red wine, has numerous health and wellness benefits. Maybe you have noticed that many French women are slim? That's because their diet includes at least a glass of red wine. Moreover, several studies revealed that drinking one glass of wine every day can be healthy for the heart, because of the wine's antioxidants and resveratrol.

Certainly, you don't want to sip wine in a mug, right? That's not stylish and elegant. Wine is a luxury drink that you must pay respect by enjoying each sip with essential wine accessories for women. Read on to learn more about wineglasses, decanters, openers, chillers, collars, and many more.

Wine Glasses

Wine Glasses (some prefer them to call goblet) is a glass with a stem. That is if you don't know it yet or you haven't seen one, which is very unlikely.  However, only few know that a certain type of goblet must be used for a particular type of liquor. Basically, a goblet with a wider mouth is used for red wine. This is not only a matter of style, because a wider mouth can allow more air to swirl the scent and flavor. Meanwhile, other goblets such as those with small mouth are used for champagne. Using the right glass is very crucial if you want to take pleasure with every sip of your wine.


Decanters are special vessels for serving wine, in which the whole liquor from the bottle can be stored. This is not just to transfer the wine from one bottle to a more stylish bottle. This is important for the aeration of the wine and to allow settlement of the sediments in the wine. Aeration is crucial to make the wine taste better because of the wine's contact with oxygen.  The wine is normally stored in the decanter for several hours before it is consumed. A decanter also makes it easy to pour wine, and because it is usually made of crystal clear glass, the wine also looks elegant and brilliant while on display.


Collars are basically serviette that is wrapped around the neck of the bottle to avoid excessive dripping. Beyond this function, it can also effective in absorbing the condensation on the bottle, which provides a better hold because it avoids slipping of the wine bottle.

Wine Coolers

Wine coolers, also known as chillers, are obviously used to chill the wine. However, they are often used for rose wine or sparkling wine, because these are better served chilled. You can easily store a wine in a large refrigerator or a small bucket filled with ice. But there are some specialized chillers with advanced automatic features.

Wine Openers

As the name implies, these accessories are used to open wine bottles easily. However, there are different types of wine openers available. A common type if the corkscrew with its swirly screw used to push and twist the cork and pull out using a lever.  Meanwhile, there are also sophisticated wine bottle openers that use automatic screw process.

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Lose Weight now with the Innovative New Diet Slimming Perfume – No Pills No Shakes – just roll-on and smell when you feel the need to snack!

VeeKoppelman, founder of beauty supplies site, VZ Hair and Glamour said, “Diet Slimming Concentrated Perfume is a fantastic new product for dieters and those keen to lose a few pounds before baring all on the beach or at a summer wedding. Its natural and the benefits it offers are incredible, from improving circulation and boosting the immune system, to providing a natural antioxidant which detoxes the body.”

Users simply roll the weight loss perfume on their wrists or their hands, inhale it five times per day and then marvel as their appetite decreases and their metabolism gets a boost. The concentrated 8ml bottlelasts for one and a half months. The aromatherapy oils within also have an orange citrus aroma, which is so deliciously refreshing it even doubles as a delightful spring perfume.

Not only does Diet Slimming Perfume aid in the suppression of appetite and the increase of metabolism, it also has a range of health benefits that can help with energy levels and overall wellbeing. The perfume also helps to sharpen focus, resulting in better performance at work, and the natural stress relieving agent helps users make the most of their downtime too.

One of the other benefits of Diet Slimming Perfume is that it can be used anywhere, anytime. The handy perfume-sized bottle can be slipped into a handbag or a clutch so that whenever cravings hit, simply roll it on and inhale. The multitude of benefits should become noticeable within 1 week. Energy levels will increase as the pounds fall off, and binge eating will be a thing of the past thanks to this revolutionary weight loss perfume.

For more information about Diet Slimming Perfume and to order online, visit http://www.vzhairandglamour.com

Friday, August 2, 2013

2013 Popular Eyelash Eyebrow Enhancer Products by Java for Beauty

For those who have sparse eyelashes and eyebrows, now it is easier to grow thick eyelashes and eyebrows with the help of eyelash eyebrow enhancer products. Big brands like GrandLash MD, NeuLash, Obagi, Hydropeptide, Talika, RapidLash and NeuBrow offer great products that are specially formulated to enhance the beauty of the eyes. These products are used by many famous celebrities to get long eyelashes and full eyebrows that lend a glamorous look to their face.

Refine your Eyebrows with Eyebrow Enhancers and Extenders

The appearance of your eyes is enhanced with full, long and clearly defined eyebrows. On the other hand, thin eyebrows are the cause of worry for many women.  Neubrow enhancing serum contains unique blend of powerful peptides, vitamins and panthenol to enhance the appearance of your eyebrows in 3 to 4 weeks. However, if you are looking for a quick fix, Talika Eyebrow Extender is a black gel with rayon fibers that extends the eyebrows in just one day.

For Thicker Eyelashes Use Natural Eyelash Enhancing Products

By using natural and organic eyelash enhancing products, you can drastically increase the length and thickness of eyelashes within a few weeks of usage. Natural ingredients such as peptide blends, vitamins and plant extracts work wonders on both upper and lower eyelashes by adding volume and strength. Brands such as Hydropeptide, Neulash and GrandLash MD use unique peptides that are safe on the skin around eyes.  If you are looking for an expert treatment, Talika Lipocils Expert Lash Treatment is a formula that contains natural ingredients while giving you healthy, longer-looking lashes.

Avoid Falling of Lashes by Taking Care of Them

Often, women complain about falling eyelashes. Just like hair loss, falling eyelashes is also an issue for most of the women. One of the main reasons for this is the overuse of make-up products containing chemicals such as mascaras and eyeliners. Chemicals can cause itchiness and irritation in eyelids and if you rub it too often, you are on the verge of lashing out. Pollution and exposure to sun also worsens the situation. With the continuous application of Talika eyelash conditioning cream, you can strengthen your eyelashes and avoid reduce eyelash falling. This unique formula contains petrolatum, castor oil, mineral oil, vegetal proteins, apple, witch hazel, horse chestnut, hypericum, and nettle. The conditioning cream is also used for hydrating your eyelashes, calming and treating the irritation and stimulating the blood circulation.